A bartender

Just entered the bar, Xiao Bing is mouth curse the sound, and then squeeze the crowd and walked straight toward the inside of a bar, Jing fly with a few people behind looked at each other and shook his head at the same time The apartment shanghai, also went inside with the ice back in Shaw . The reason usually always a few people ran to the bar and the other guests there is a reason for this is not the same as this guy's girlfriend Xiao Bing work here is the bar where a bartender.

Three visa to shanghai squeeze through on the bar when Xiao Bing has been sitting on a high stool, was sitting in the bar with a special collar to wear fashionable clothes looked very neat girl in there joking.

Girl saw three people over the next Minzui smile, they began to give three people skilled modulation Shanghai apartment for rent drinks, even without asking loudly, apparently already knew what to drink three personal habits.

"Jing Fei Gege, you finally coming."

Jing Feigang sit around suddenly heard a very excited voice,shanghai old house Diadia, bones Dusu listen to people, but actually listening ear staring at Jing fly almost stand up.

Stars words

Zhu Heng Yang star if you do not hear the same talk, shouted: "Originally Xiang Lu is also ready to be roasted whole pig, but this door is too small, hand does not come in, did not do, though did not do the whole roasted pig, but most of these dishes are Xiang Lu to do, you have to compliment the whole eating ah, or else you out of my non-Zousi you can not! "

"!! Finished ChengShanghai apartment for rent Si, do not eat are you Zousi Well, when I was a devil s fill it," Young Stars, laughing, followed by gentle on even Xiang Lu said: "Thank you, Lucy Gordon, make life difficult for you, but also personally cook! "

"Is not my own doing!" Even seems a bit shy Xiang Lu:. "Alice teacher helped me a lot of it you do not listen to crap Ah Heng, these dishes you eat slowly, I know that practicing Yun technology very hard, so I Alice teachers are doing dirty, and can fill the stomach, if you eat a little hungry, sleepy and sleep for a while, do not they drop their own wants a word! "

"Well, I hear you!" Young Stars words infinite tenderness. 

! "Hey" Zhu Heng next quips: "Xiang Lu, how do you blush fever yetshanghai old house ??" 

"You hate!" Even low Xiang Lu denounced loudly, and then came the sound of footsteps gradually leave. 

"What I said something wrong to me, this is my concern you, ah!" Zhu Heng said, laughing. 

! "Well, well,"visa to shanghai Alice teacher said: "A star, you eat slowly, we go first!" 


When they left, Young Stars recall a wonderful feeling, I feel very comfortable, shook his head, thinking now do not want this, I tore off a piece of chewing chicken hearts thought: "This action probably means I'll Lethal , nor how difficult, the key is to grasp the power, I do not know if they heed Lethal refers to actions to make the opening-day India would be any different? "said Yang Star put down the chicken, came to the wall,River house shanghai where the wall are very hard, but he did not dare hit directly toward the wall, but stood for a long distance, ready to empty fat beat, look at the wall to have much movement.

Looking for a one

Only four grades seven Academy, first River house shanghai grade is restrained segment, second grade is putting segment, third or fourth year of a five-storey terraces to Yun layer, both when it came to five graduating from college. After coming out of college to start juggling, so most people after reaching five Progress is very slow, and even some busy man, as solemn, even into middle age only to first-order eight. 

No time is one reason, another cause of slow practice is that after five, each layer is very difficult, but to advanced, is even harder! 

Dual pressure force, resulting in the highest capacity on the planet is now only the second-order digitizer to ten layers, which is the power of GodShanghai apartment for rent


Young star's home is not so much money, but he had plenty of time, but also a super-help expert, he is confident that in a short time can certainly achieve a high degree of non-production of high! 

Then you can complete only recently sprouted the idea to travel the universe! 

The next day at noon, Young Stars came to power technology museum, he wanted to find an instinct that force and leg muscle strength in practicing skills Yun, Yun else has the force of the left hand does not have nothing to use? 

Young star decided to discard the temporary opening day India, the practice is not to say, but can not reveal learn out in the open day India's ability is horrible, two months before the fight that animals experience vividly, this beat punch down, opponents killed or injured, he may not want to own a gun fame! It is imperative to find other Cheats cutting instead of South India have become a top priority. 

First came to leg shanghai old house strength area, looking for a one, half an hour later, eyes fell on a book. 

Waste man

Mu just customary to Allure glanced around, it is customary to travel every time she formed, and then saw one that stood numerous serious shanghai old house neat driver saw a crowd lounged against the wall smoking lazy silhouette, lazy bastard attitude and the surrounding crowd formed a strong contrast, want to pay attention to is immune, especially at this time that bastard turned against his grin still laughing ......

Mu Allure untracked wrinkled brow, his mouth gently, "Well," a cry, and then look back, moved on.

But The apartment shanghai no one knows, but this time the mood Mu Allure looks so calm is not as faint annoyance, because that is their bastard wasted two months that she finally discovered how are not on the wall of mud waste man.

Although she did not want to admit it, but yet no way to deny: that waste is her husband.


Call -

With the luxury fleet away, this piece belongs to Allure Group underground parking seems like a melting ice and snow, strong in the air pressure suddenly disappeared, a group of drivers, while the original principal nerves took River house shanghai

a deep breath, just like was strangled not breathing, then looked at each other with each other, look emotion ......

Xiao Bing also a long sigh of relief, then that is also very silent glanced around smoking a cigarette volumes Jing Fei: "Jing Fei, you want to live, just against the president after you dare to smoke here?"

Xiao Bing's tone is very complex, even though Shanghai apartment for rent he knew Jing Fei is a guy no matter what, but this guy leaning dare to smoke in front of the president here, which is too lawlessness.

The Earth

"! Congratulations ah" Young Star said: "But I heard the South Uncle said cutting Earth's magnetic and electric fields is extremely rich, so the evolution of electrical and magnetic energy will be very fast, but to the next stage, progress on Earth will incredibly slow! "


"I say! How are so long gone, the Earth has not been able to complete fluorescent spend 100 percent, that was it!" Zhu Heng said.


Young stars put down the chopsticks, said: "?! Alice teacher, Lucy Gordon, let me see your summon do not see a little bit like a two-month"


"Of course!" They waved, two different animals appear in the Young Stars in front.

Even animals wizard named Xiang Lu Ling Yan, is a type of wild animal assisted therapy, whole body purple, much larger than a year ago, Alice's cat has grown to the size of an adult dog, looks mighty, there is a long white tail, four legs were still bright colorful colors look good.

Different ways of evolution of animals and humans, but the long tail and change the color, the more the tail represents the stronger. As Alice's colorful gorgeous cat, pretty beast has entered the stage at this time, Young Star looked roughly like a story about the order, but because Alice summon body has seven colors, it is also a very powerful exists, the equivalent of a silver-white Yun force people, but the beast did not have much technical Yun, so colorful though talent is good, but it can not touch Yun skills to good practice, which also anxious Alice,Shanghai apartment for rent

 but There is no way.

Young star smile teasing summon these two lovelyvisa to shanghai


"A star, talk about your exercise this month, there is not reached extroverted segment?" Zhu Heng asked suddenly.

Young star shook his head: "No!"

Few people could not help but also sigh, lamenting the injustice of God for Young Stars!

Young star suddenly said: "We eat first meal together we findI have a very important thing to him that I just gave you that things of the universe, you can temporarily do not tell others!.!"

After dinner, a pedestrian walked into the residence of the President's solemn, solemn lived in residential schools in the east, after knocking in, solemnly asked with a smile: "Yes you, ah, What can I do for you? "

Young star said seriously: "Yanjiao Chang, seventh Star seems to reveal theRiver house shanghai

ability of!"