Villain poses

Can Wang silk staring twenty-seven villain on his face and then showing incredible look.

The first group of nine villain posture also more reliable, is a normal cognitive scope; the second group of nine villain poses some strange looks very strange; the third group is completely beyond the cognitive 上海賃貸マンションWang Can, Every villain poses are very difficult and hard to understand.

Can Wang shook his head, the eyes of people gathered on the first small first group.

For him, the first of the first group of villains excel say.

Can Wang looked carefully first little people, will never forget the villain gesture made in the mind, then in the hands of silk next to the skin with such an important thing, and only stood close, he can feel at ease.

Outside the tent, hurried footsteps sounded.

"Your excellency?" One soldier cried softly.

Can Wang Taiping stowed placed on the table bible, look calm, and said: "Come in!"

Even uncles

"Too much power or light red crimson Yun Yun force people must live, breath left also, to Bloodwitch, he can give you a crimson refining immortality out, after eating, Yun force of Nature will turn crimson, of course, the higher the better the ability of these people, this will increase the success rate of alchemy "sweet and said:"! specifically I did not know, did not carefully asked, should also need some mysterious something that Emerald villa shanghai should personally ask that Bloodwitch! "

Xue eyes light up, excited, said: "We now look for it, I know Su Liwen uncle uncle is still day light red Yun Lian Li, sister, we put them tied to the alchemy of it!" 

Sweet subtle hint of a smile flashed, his face revealing expression of appreciation, in mind: "I really did not wrong you disowned extremely selfish you have passed the first hurdle study, study the next few off!!! I hope you pass! Xue Xue ah, I can put all the pressure on your whole body, and do not let me down! "

"Funny Face how do Shanghai apartment you? How not speak, do not beat Su Shushu and even uncles? Okay, two uncles very pet me, I went to give them poison, to ensure that they could barely stand!" Xue brilliant smile, as if saying a festive things like. 

Sweet persuasion she smiled and said: "?? Snow, two uncles so good for you, you have the heart to mention the harm they do, and we have you 苏叔叔 still do great things, to kill him, if your uncle blame how to do." 

"Yes ah, I did not expect this!" Xue little melancholy,rent river house shanghai asked: "But I only know two of them are light red Yun force ah, if someone in their place, I would not take them alchemy, and two uncles Every year, send me a lot of good fun, I can not bear to let them go alchemy! "


 I just need you shanghai visa to promise me one condition, that is, to go out with me after mixed"

     Sheng head down, then said: "To put it plainly, brothers, you do have the ability, at least Tiger I can not compare you, I can see you are doing big things out of people, not too ashamed to tell you mix, I promise you, but some things contrary to the principles we four seasons shanghai can quit. "

     Tang Feng to the interest and asked: "Oh, what counted against your principles??"

     Tang Feng Sheng staring eyes, said: "I ??mixed triad, not why, that is something to eat, and if there is a what skills I would not do this trip, follow you can mix But first, I is not afraid to kill it strong * evil we do not act, it is a beast do. arms I can do but I do not stick flour, the thing harm to others, unconscionable money does not earn villa shanghai mentioning. protection fees I can go to oppress the common people, but I also quit, people would have to discuss a living is not easy, so wicked is something I firmly quit. "

     Tang Feng Lengle Leng, he did not think these words would say such a ruffian from the mouth. And see Tang Feng Sheng did not speak, that he does not agree he said: "If you do not agree that I do not bullshit, I assure you one yard owned by one yard, you want to escape the things I will not snitch." Having you want to go.

     Wait, he got up, grabbed his Shanghai Old Apartment wrist Tang Feng said: "Tiger, you just say the words to my heart gone, we are mixed triad, not to scourge the country, I assure you, you said do not say you do not agree that you want to dry I have to shoot you to death. "

     Tang Feng Sheng looked surprised and said:? "Death, you say that I really do not be fooled,

The hole jade

in this dark night, and they never had bore hole jade home but do not know where their ran, ran forward just try.

     Home near the place where the hole East China Sea, the East is a vast expanse of water, and ran in the direction of the hole jade is toward the endless expanse of water ran. When you hear the rushing sound of the waves, when the hole jade know bad, because this show has already been a blind alley, he chose a dead end, was about to change direction, but shoved heard footsteps behind them.

     This makes the hole jade heart sank, but also accelerated forward ran past. Footsteps behind it is getting closer, in front of the sound of the waves is getting closer, instant hole jade came to the beach, but also followed the footsteps behind him came to the beach, the hole jade know trackless escape, and turned to look at to come.

     At this time the moon hanging in the sky, moonlight hole jade is a servant hole saw come home, but he did not know that this servant is the heir-apparent hole in which one family men. Took a deep breath, stand up straight hole jade body, looked at the servant said, "Why do you follow me, I've been out of the hole family, and the hole has nothing to do with the family."

     King was sent to the shanghai apartment for rent hole servant heard this, then it is the hole jade smiled, facing the hole jade said, "little master touches savvy extraordinary, actually comprehend the practice of law on their own uprightness, and so talented he was expelled Kong home, it is a pity, but a little master of intelligence, should be difficult to guess the villain is to do what's right? "

     After listening to the words of the servant, the hole jade heart sank even more, put a calm front of the servant said, "Of course I can guess your purpose in coming, I just want to know who sent you."

     "Oh, great master villain is in the hands of things, today is listening to the great master's instructions to send your little master the road. Little master you do not blame the villain, villain is Shenbuyouyi." The servant said after stature is suddenly flashed toward the hole jade flash go, while palm visa to shanghai toward the hole jade Tian Linggai shot go.

 Kong Yu naturally not die, running body poor struggling a little bit infuriating receding. Just at this time, the sky clap of thunder sounded, resounded through the whole sky. That servant heard this loud clap of thunder after the stature meal, looked to the sky behind this is to look shocked myself I saw that service apartment shanghai after the clap of thunder, the sky turned into a blood-red one, and that the blood-red sky actually do not know when there is a gigantic whirlpool,

Decision on the line

 Finished off Zhiyong raised his head and looked at the two, then said: "In addition to these there shanghai apartment for rent are some gang gang outside strength is not weak, but these four gang and not a grade than nothing, most are dependent on these big gang. But for today saw this item, I will not believe z killed secretly turned the country is such a mess, General Chang said the right, these ground forces is to properly integrate integration, is not to be afraid to other countries we z States have disintegrated. "

     Tang Feng nodded his head and said:. "Yes ah, this is really a very difficult task the apartment shanghai ah Xiaoyong, there is no written information on this four gang's see how the relationship?"

     Guan Zhi-Yong smiled and said: "Strange to say, the gang of four to see all contain each other, in addition to three other gang black tiger side fairly good relationship, and this black tiger would have helped with the flood and the Red Star club relations are tense, two gang has three times together will want to destroy the Black Tiger, but has not been able to succeed, the underworld or the situation in the country now z quadruped Kingdoms. "

     "Then you reckon we start from there?" Tang Feng asked again.

     Guan Zhiyong like I knew Don summit ask general, cleared his throat and said: "I think we still have to go to the development of good Northwest Northwest is currently the most chaotic place, hundreds of large and small gangs, but not a gang it can unify. northwest old house shanghai poorer, transportation is not convenient, plus numerous northwest nationalities, all ethnic groups living habits are not as bad management, but also no water, so far four tentacles out into the gang did not Northwest. "

     唐峰思 exam, one would say:. "Then we began to start the northwest, there is chaos chaos benefits, chaos but also no one will notice us, we can more easily develop forces" Having turned around after the still stupidly patted Xu Qiang said: "? xiaoqiang, we went to the Northwest development what is your opinion no"

     "What? Oh, well, I, I just, peak house in people’s Square brother and Yongge decision on the line, I was a yokel." God breathed freely Xu Qiang said.

His skill

walked in front of the hole jade, jade is to set up a hole and walked toward the outside, and see the results after that, the other holes are secretly at home Dizi shook his head, and then I left the hole jade yard.King looked after shanghai apartment for rent

well after everyone left, is followed by left, but returned to his residence after it is immediately attracted a confidant, told a few, the confidants they walked toward the outside, and soon disappeared in the darkness in the.

     Two servant strapped to the outside of the home and walked toward the hole hole jade, came home in the entrance hole after hole jade direct throw on the outside, and then I slammed the big door. Kong Yu looked at the closed door, his eyes full of anger, he did not think his final fate is actually so, you know this than waste his skill worse.

     If you just spent the hole jade skill, it can stay in the hole hole jade home, although still suffered bitter cold and will make things difficult, but still enough to live comfortably sea were able to grow into a * person, but is now out of the hole home, in the chaos, the hole jade a child how should live service apartment shanghai forever?

     But this time it is no hole jade want more of these, but struggled to his feet, and immediately ran toward the distant, and soon disappeared into the night. And in the hole jade disappear the next moment, a confidant of King Kong that appeared in the doorway, did not find the hole jade figure, then frowned, but also follow the hole jade breath chase went.

     Yu know what hole comprehend the practice of law, once exposed, it will bring their own big trouble, although it was out of the hole at home, the road though slim, but still have a chance of survival, but the hole jade hearts but it is the heir-apparent to those who fear the hole family will not let themselves, so they quickly left the hole home.

     Ran all the way forward, although the hole jade is still small, but because the practice of some infuriating,visa to shanghai in support of those infuriating running speed is fast. However,

Prepared for

Tang Xin immediately looked up, wiping the tears from his face, looking forward and asked: "? Prepared for what River house shanghai you gave me a gift."

"This gift is -"

Jing Fei suddenly burst grin, throw away cigarette butts sprang toward Tang Xin

"How? Jing Fei Gege, my mom but super beautiful oh." See Jing Fei daze, Korea and grinning demon, two big eyes Hushanhushan, an awesomeness or to attractiveness look.

"Can you keep out of this prodigal daughter, your mother is not a good bird." Jing Fei recovered, snappily took a look at her Shanghai apartment for rent head, mouth blasted hum.

"Cut, do not know what's good, man chasing my mom are routed to Badaling." Han demon dissatisfied rubbed his head, muttered.

Jing Fei no longer ignore this little girl, turned his head just keep drinking looked around, to be honest, he personally did not like the hodgepodge environment, Xiao Bing, if not a few people he would never come here, he prefers those tend to point to the quiet mood of the bar, where the woman is relatively elegant style.

"Jing Fei Gege, go, I'll show you a good place shanghai old house."

At this time, Han Jing fly from demon suddenly jumped down the leg, arm and pulled Jing Fei sweet smiles.