Waste man

Mu just customary to Allure glanced around, it is customary to travel every time she formed, and then saw one that stood numerous serious shanghai old house neat driver saw a crowd lounged against the wall smoking lazy silhouette, lazy bastard attitude and the surrounding crowd formed a strong contrast, want to pay attention to is immune, especially at this time that bastard turned against his grin still laughing ......

Mu Allure untracked wrinkled brow, his mouth gently, "Well," a cry, and then look back, moved on.

But The apartment shanghai no one knows, but this time the mood Mu Allure looks so calm is not as faint annoyance, because that is their bastard wasted two months that she finally discovered how are not on the wall of mud waste man.

Although she did not want to admit it, but yet no way to deny: that waste is her husband.


Call -

With the luxury fleet away, this piece belongs to Allure Group underground parking seems like a melting ice and snow, strong in the air pressure suddenly disappeared, a group of drivers, while the original principal nerves took River house shanghai

a deep breath, just like was strangled not breathing, then looked at each other with each other, look emotion ......

Xiao Bing also a long sigh of relief, then that is also very silent glanced around smoking a cigarette volumes Jing Fei: "Jing Fei, you want to live, just against the president after you dare to smoke here?"

Xiao Bing's tone is very complex, even though Shanghai apartment for rent he knew Jing Fei is a guy no matter what, but this guy leaning dare to smoke in front of the president here, which is too lawlessness.