A bartender

Just entered the bar, Xiao Bing is mouth curse the sound, and then squeeze the crowd and walked straight toward the inside of a bar, Jing fly with a few people behind looked at each other and shook his head at the same time The apartment shanghai, also went inside with the ice back in Shaw . The reason usually always a few people ran to the bar and the other guests there is a reason for this is not the same as this guy's girlfriend Xiao Bing work here is the bar where a bartender.

Three visa to shanghai squeeze through on the bar when Xiao Bing has been sitting on a high stool, was sitting in the bar with a special collar to wear fashionable clothes looked very neat girl in there joking.

Girl saw three people over the next Minzui smile, they began to give three people skilled modulation Shanghai apartment for rent drinks, even without asking loudly, apparently already knew what to drink three personal habits.

"Jing Fei Gege, you finally coming."

Jing Feigang sit around suddenly heard a very excited voice,shanghai old house Diadia, bones Dusu listen to people, but actually listening ear staring at Jing fly almost stand up.