Prepared for

Tang Xin immediately looked up, wiping the tears from his face, looking forward and asked: "? Prepared for what River house shanghai you gave me a gift."

"This gift is -"

Jing Fei suddenly burst grin, throw away cigarette butts sprang toward Tang Xin

"How? Jing Fei Gege, my mom but super beautiful oh." See Jing Fei daze, Korea and grinning demon, two big eyes Hushanhushan, an awesomeness or to attractiveness look.

"Can you keep out of this prodigal daughter, your mother is not a good bird." Jing Fei recovered, snappily took a look at her Shanghai apartment for rent head, mouth blasted hum.

"Cut, do not know what's good, man chasing my mom are routed to Badaling." Han demon dissatisfied rubbed his head, muttered.

Jing Fei no longer ignore this little girl, turned his head just keep drinking looked around, to be honest, he personally did not like the hodgepodge environment, Xiao Bing, if not a few people he would never come here, he prefers those tend to point to the quiet mood of the bar, where the woman is relatively elegant style.

"Jing Fei Gege, go, I'll show you a good place shanghai old house."

At this time, Han Jing fly from demon suddenly jumped down the leg, arm and pulled Jing Fei sweet smiles.