His skill

walked in front of the hole jade, jade is to set up a hole and walked toward the outside, and see the results after that, the other holes are secretly at home Dizi shook his head, and then I left the hole jade yard.King looked after shanghai apartment for rent

well after everyone left, is followed by left, but returned to his residence after it is immediately attracted a confidant, told a few, the confidants they walked toward the outside, and soon disappeared in the darkness in the.

     Two servant strapped to the outside of the home and walked toward the hole hole jade, came home in the entrance hole after hole jade direct throw on the outside, and then I slammed the big door. Kong Yu looked at the closed door, his eyes full of anger, he did not think his final fate is actually so, you know this than waste his skill worse.

     If you just spent the hole jade skill, it can stay in the hole hole jade home, although still suffered bitter cold and will make things difficult, but still enough to live comfortably sea were able to grow into a * person, but is now out of the hole home, in the chaos, the hole jade a child how should live service apartment shanghai forever?

     But this time it is no hole jade want more of these, but struggled to his feet, and immediately ran toward the distant, and soon disappeared into the night. And in the hole jade disappear the next moment, a confidant of King Kong that appeared in the doorway, did not find the hole jade figure, then frowned, but also follow the hole jade breath chase went.

     Yu know what hole comprehend the practice of law, once exposed, it will bring their own big trouble, although it was out of the hole at home, the road though slim, but still have a chance of survival, but the hole jade hearts but it is the heir-apparent to those who fear the hole family will not let themselves, so they quickly left the hole home.

     Ran all the way forward, although the hole jade is still small, but because the practice of some infuriating,visa to shanghai in support of those infuriating running speed is fast. However,