Decision on the line

 Finished off Zhiyong raised his head and looked at the two, then said: "In addition to these there shanghai apartment for rent are some gang gang outside strength is not weak, but these four gang and not a grade than nothing, most are dependent on these big gang. But for today saw this item, I will not believe z killed secretly turned the country is such a mess, General Chang said the right, these ground forces is to properly integrate integration, is not to be afraid to other countries we z States have disintegrated. "

     Tang Feng nodded his head and said:. "Yes ah, this is really a very difficult task the apartment shanghai ah Xiaoyong, there is no written information on this four gang's see how the relationship?"

     Guan Zhi-Yong smiled and said: "Strange to say, the gang of four to see all contain each other, in addition to three other gang black tiger side fairly good relationship, and this black tiger would have helped with the flood and the Red Star club relations are tense, two gang has three times together will want to destroy the Black Tiger, but has not been able to succeed, the underworld or the situation in the country now z quadruped Kingdoms. "

     "Then you reckon we start from there?" Tang Feng asked again.

     Guan Zhiyong like I knew Don summit ask general, cleared his throat and said: "I think we still have to go to the development of good Northwest Northwest is currently the most chaotic place, hundreds of large and small gangs, but not a gang it can unify. northwest old house shanghai poorer, transportation is not convenient, plus numerous northwest nationalities, all ethnic groups living habits are not as bad management, but also no water, so far four tentacles out into the gang did not Northwest. "

     唐峰思 exam, one would say:. "Then we began to start the northwest, there is chaos chaos benefits, chaos but also no one will notice us, we can more easily develop forces" Having turned around after the still stupidly patted Xu Qiang said: "? xiaoqiang, we went to the Northwest development what is your opinion no"

     "What? Oh, well, I, I just, peak house in people’s Square brother and Yongge decision on the line, I was a yokel." God breathed freely Xu Qiang said.