The hole jade

in this dark night, and they never had bore hole jade home but do not know where their ran, ran forward just try.

     Home near the place where the hole East China Sea, the East is a vast expanse of water, and ran in the direction of the hole jade is toward the endless expanse of water ran. When you hear the rushing sound of the waves, when the hole jade know bad, because this show has already been a blind alley, he chose a dead end, was about to change direction, but shoved heard footsteps behind them.

     This makes the hole jade heart sank, but also accelerated forward ran past. Footsteps behind it is getting closer, in front of the sound of the waves is getting closer, instant hole jade came to the beach, but also followed the footsteps behind him came to the beach, the hole jade know trackless escape, and turned to look at to come.

     At this time the moon hanging in the sky, moonlight hole jade is a servant hole saw come home, but he did not know that this servant is the heir-apparent hole in which one family men. Took a deep breath, stand up straight hole jade body, looked at the servant said, "Why do you follow me, I've been out of the hole family, and the hole has nothing to do with the family."

     King was sent to the shanghai apartment for rent hole servant heard this, then it is the hole jade smiled, facing the hole jade said, "little master touches savvy extraordinary, actually comprehend the practice of law on their own uprightness, and so talented he was expelled Kong home, it is a pity, but a little master of intelligence, should be difficult to guess the villain is to do what's right? "

     After listening to the words of the servant, the hole jade heart sank even more, put a calm front of the servant said, "Of course I can guess your purpose in coming, I just want to know who sent you."

     "Oh, great master villain is in the hands of things, today is listening to the great master's instructions to send your little master the road. Little master you do not blame the villain, villain is Shenbuyouyi." The servant said after stature is suddenly flashed toward the hole jade flash go, while palm visa to shanghai toward the hole jade Tian Linggai shot go.

 Kong Yu naturally not die, running body poor struggling a little bit infuriating receding. Just at this time, the sky clap of thunder sounded, resounded through the whole sky. That servant heard this loud clap of thunder after the stature meal, looked to the sky behind this is to look shocked myself I saw that service apartment shanghai after the clap of thunder, the sky turned into a blood-red one, and that the blood-red sky actually do not know when there is a gigantic whirlpool,