I just need you shanghai visa to promise me one condition, that is, to go out with me after mixed"

     Sheng head down, then said: "To put it plainly, brothers, you do have the ability, at least Tiger I can not compare you, I can see you are doing big things out of people, not too ashamed to tell you mix, I promise you, but some things contrary to the principles we four seasons shanghai can quit. "

     Tang Feng to the interest and asked: "Oh, what counted against your principles??"

     Tang Feng Sheng staring eyes, said: "I ??mixed triad, not why, that is something to eat, and if there is a what skills I would not do this trip, follow you can mix But first, I is not afraid to kill it strong * evil we do not act, it is a beast do. arms I can do but I do not stick flour, the thing harm to others, unconscionable money does not earn villa shanghai mentioning. protection fees I can go to oppress the common people, but I also quit, people would have to discuss a living is not easy, so wicked is something I firmly quit. "

     Tang Feng Lengle Leng, he did not think these words would say such a ruffian from the mouth. And see Tang Feng Sheng did not speak, that he does not agree he said: "If you do not agree that I do not bullshit, I assure you one yard owned by one yard, you want to escape the things I will not snitch." Having you want to go.

     Wait, he got up, grabbed his Shanghai Old Apartment wrist Tang Feng said: "Tiger, you just say the words to my heart gone, we are mixed triad, not to scourge the country, I assure you, you said do not say you do not agree that you want to dry I have to shoot you to death. "

     Tang Feng Sheng looked surprised and said:? "Death, you say that I really do not be fooled,