Villain poses

Can Wang silk staring twenty-seven villain on his face and then showing incredible look.

The first group of nine villain posture also more reliable, is a normal cognitive scope; the second group of nine villain poses some strange looks very strange; the third group is completely beyond the cognitive 上海賃貸マンションWang Can, Every villain poses are very difficult and hard to understand.

Can Wang shook his head, the eyes of people gathered on the first small first group.

For him, the first of the first group of villains excel say.

Can Wang looked carefully first little people, will never forget the villain gesture made in the mind, then in the hands of silk next to the skin with such an important thing, and only stood close, he can feel at ease.

Outside the tent, hurried footsteps sounded.

"Your excellency?" One soldier cried softly.

Can Wang Taiping stowed placed on the table bible, look calm, and said: "Come in!"