Sneer way

"Cheng Zhongde, you, you......"
Xunyu rose red face, nu scold a way: "in vain you Cheng Zhongde or court officials, actually say so outrageous, hum, really is without father and Emperor."
Cheng Yu Jilting gusset, Jie Jie sneer way: "Wen Ruo, you read the books of sages, doth not Wen Jun as the minister, such as brothers, then the minister as the hinterland of the Junru; monarch as the minister, such as a dog or a horse, then the minister as Junru; monarch as the minister, such as mustard, then the minister as such as the enemy. Emperor without virtue, and dukes autocracy,Airport pick up service Shanghaithe princes and, such court is hopeless, you why strong self contradict it. politics...... Many kinds of trouble. There were Yuan Benchu to into the admonition of the court, the Dong Zhuo Beijing, occupied asatsuna, bullying Baiguan, relive, dominate the party, so that the Han Dynasty was rotten, no life. The Wang Weixian even the Yellow turban insurrectionary thief and how, high and the emperor year but also Qingpi rogue, high and the emperor is still able to great achievements in the industry, the Wang Weixian is the Yellow turban insurrectionary thief and how the, heroes do not ask the origin, as long as have the ability, have the opportunity, means, nothing is impossible. The eagle is sensible, the capabilities of a prime minister, Zhang Liang, Chen Pingzhi, botherPudong Airport transferto a fool 'faithful', then go to prison, trapped himself dead. "

Xunzi Yutan sigh, shaking his head, his face full of lonely color.
Cheng Yu like a knife like gaze on Xunyu body, see Xunyu disgruntled look, the heart was unmoved.
In his heart a smile, continue to add oil fire: "I view the king first decisive and resolute, future certainly points the world trend, as a party to the princes."
Xunyou smiled and asked: "Hongqiao airport shuttleZhong De Gong