In indignation

Can Wang Hey smiles: "Thank you, Mr. understanding."

Yong nodded and said: "You'd talk about whyPudong Airport transfer the old lady Hui Zhao Dong Zheng provision will add big reward?"

Can Wang smiled and said: "Mr. hearts know the reason, but also to test actually enter school juniors Dong Luoyang, grasping Asatsuna though, under the command of the Western Liang cavalry overawed by virtue of dysfunction, but the foundation is not yet solid, the majority still opposed to the Minister of the DPRK. Dong, to that end, Dong will Zhuoyong celebrities to income Wang and Mr. You, it is when the world Daru's representative, is to buy a horse bone Dong Zhuo as a daughter who fills this is doing to the whole world to see, so Dong Taishi Careers world knows, is not a stupid generation. "

Yong eyes flashed a touch of splendor, continue to ask: "? And you continue, the old ears."

Can Wang said: "In fact, these are not made out of Dong Zhuo, Dong reason failed to do, the deal comes as Ru Dong Zhuo's son, Mr. Dong levy provision, will be Ru words, otherwise will not sign Mr. Dong provision to Dong Takeo character, he could not understand the world scholar, but there is no alternative, because the scholar is the pillar of the country, there is no support for Scholars, Dong inability to run the court, it will adopt the recommendations Ru, Mr. Zheng provision Shoulong上海机场接送Popularity . "

Yong Qi said: "Ru is also known as the first?"

Yong's face at this time how one o'clock in indignation, but smiling, eyes with a trace of hope.

Can Wang Yong said all know, but it is built on the ups and downs Yong, live a lifetime on the negotiations, the matter falls Wang-who have Zhefan experience has been very good.

Can Wang Yong met at first, but also see hunting delighted, and only like to see Wang Can mind.