Baiguan heart

throne the origin of the legitimacy, Baiguan heart is only one person left. Kill the young emperor, was eliminated, folded Baiguan heart, more important is the Dong Zhuolian Empire dare dare to kill, officials and Dong Zhuozuo? This man is afraid of death!"
Wang Canzhao middle-aged man worship and worship, said: "I do not know Wang Canzhi anyway?"
The middle-aged man sighed:Pudong Airport transfer"demolish with penetrating criticism directed at the point!"

Paused, a middle-aged man asked: "you would tell me the identity?"
Wang Can smiled and bowed again toward the middle-aged man said: "thanks to Wang Can Ru'nan, see doctor, Li Ru."
Li Ru smiled up Wang Can, then to Cai Yong, a smile on the face: "congratulations to Mr. Cai, Mr. Cai received so much wood as a disciple, is really very grateful ah ru!"
Wang Can said sternly: "doctor to adults, but with Mr. Wang Can once, which is so good."
Cai Yong Fu to smile: "first, I ask you, you can上海机场接送 be the disciple?"

"This, this one......" Wang Can looked embarrassed, his face was helpless.