The end of the 15 year

Suddenly, Wang Can heart mind and turns, thinking policy response, he just does not understand Yong also good, how about that fellPudong Airport transferon the turn.Landlord 92 years, in March this year, home to a blind date, and then in May to get married. The first account of the background, 13 years after the landlord graduate in S City (provincial), because the opportunity to work in a first-tier cities, the landlord is just three dumbass, so this graduation, send a bank in the city of s services, there are five thousand or six thousand such wages a month.

Because the salary is very low, but in the city housing, so in the village rented a single room, the landlord every day to live peacefully, so by the end of the 15 year, because I want to stay at work, no home, a terrible上海机场接送thing happened, a thief sneaked into my room, I was scared. The loss of a property, like the computer, I who. But this thing makes me frightened, whenever there is a wind sways grass of me. Because of this, so he quit the job for several years, and then back home.

Here say where the building is located in a prefecture level city, the landlord a family of four, my father opened a kind of small local supermarket, my mother opened the shop. I have a younger brother, on the fourth grade primary school, the home floor above is not particularly poor family conditions, is not particularly rich. My landlord is about 160cm, fat weight