Yue Li, please forgive the teacher."
Cai Yong noodles sinks like water,Pudong Airport transferstare at Li Ru, snorting hum, said: "you say."

Wang Can and Chao Cai Yong worship and worship, went to the front of a Li Confucianism meters, to worship way: "Wang Can see the doctor to make adults."
Li Ru hurried hand propped up Wang Can, said: "the first without formal, not formal, this is Mr. Bo Jie for Japan for the first time上海机场接送to celebrate, but Li Ru is upset, Li Ru mind is very uncomfortable, look for the first don't blame it, but for the first visit to Dong Taishi, let everyone know the first will be with the primary Jie Mr. Korea official news early, but also to let everyone happy."

Li Ru's mouth to apologize, his face is hanging with a smile, no sense of guilt.
"I miss you, I miss you......"
Wang Can's heart cursed, hate not rushed up Li Ru meal, especially Li Ru saw the fierce appearance, the heart is angry. The living room was quiet and noisy up, insider Li Ru once again broke the hearts of the guests angrily, actually are ready to meet